We are a small group of volunteers including mums, dads, friends and families of the Fortnum145. Please don’t be put off by the name – we just wanted something catchy – anyone who supports the Fortnum145 defendants can be part of MumsUncut.

We aim to:

  • Fundraise to support the Fortnum145
  • Provide a support network for defendants and their families and friends
  • Support the Campaign for the Fortnum145.

Money that we raise will be used to:

  • Provide a hardship fund to support defendants (e.g. travel to defendant meetings)
  • Pay for campaign materials and activities (e.g. flyers)

Please note that we cannot use funds raised to pay fines but will look at other ways in which we can support the defendants.

Raising funds
Supporting the defendants
How to contact us
What you can do to help us
‘What if I want to donate money?’

Raising funds

We are looking for ideas for fundraising activities. Here are some of the ideas that we have come up with so far – please get in touch if you can help with these or have other ideas. So far we are planning :

  • Benefit gigs (comedy, music, DJs…do you know a venue or performers who can support us?)
  • Tea parties (can your local café host a tea party where you collect donations for the fund?) or can you host a UKUncut picnic in your local park?
  • Film night
  • HampersUncut (we want to fill a hamper with goodies and auction/raffle it)
  • Storytelling night – possibly in your local bookshop? Do you know any storytellers/poets who would take part?

Supporting the defendants and their families/friends

Adopt-a-Defendant scheme
Some defendants do not have support from families or friends so MumsUncut have launched our Adopt-a-Defendant scheme. Contact us if you are a defendant and need someone to support you or would like to offer to support a defendant – this could be as simple as sending a regular supportive text message, helping them deal with forms or offering to attend hearings/cases with them.

We also have some supporters in and near London who can offer overnight accommodation for those attending court in London. Please get in touch with us if you need this or can offer accommodation. (This is likely to be needed in early July)

If you have other ideas for how we can support the defendants and or families/friends please get in touch.


MumsUncut aims to raise the profile of the campaign for the Fortnum145 defendants. We plan to use media and UKUncut events to ensure maximum positive coverage for the defendants. Watch this space and UKUncut pages for news of MumsUncut events.

How to contact us

MumsUncut can be reached by email at [email protected] or mobile phone on 0791 073 4094 .

We endeavour to answer messages as quickly as we can, but please bear with us if there is a delay (some of us are busy Mums and Dads). Please note we do not have any legal expertise so if you have questions relating to the legal cases please contact your lawyer.

We will send email updates as needed to inform MumsUncut supporters of meetings and events.

What you can do to help us

  • Spread the word: If you are a defendant or supporter and have family or friends who can support us please tell them to contact us.
  • Ideas and action: We need your ideas for activities and events that can support the aims of MumsUncut – but better still we need you to get involved and act now to raise money and support the Fortnum145 defendants.

‘What if I want to donate money?’

We are hoping to get bank facilities set up via Green and Black Cross and will provide details of how you can donate to the fund soon.