On the weekend of March 26th 2011 a number of protesters were arrested outside Fortnum and Mason.

Their crimes?

Raising awareness about the £40million of unpaid tax money that their parent company, Wittington Investments, has been dodging.

Even though a police spokesperson in the building went on record saying the demonstration was “sensible” and “non-violent” there has been a lot of unfair and biased media reporting on the event.

We have seen our friends and our sons and daughters come home tired, confused and worried after up to 24 hours of solitary confinement, miles away from where they were arrested, and without their outer clothes and phones. They came home to read articles accusing them of violence, and to be branded “mindless thugs” by Theresa May . It would mean so much to them if you could send a message to let the defendants know that members of the public share their unease about the arrests, and are there behind them in support as they are taken through the court system.

This campaign is being run by the friends and family of those protesters.

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