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Some good news from the courts today!

October 10, 2011

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Today saw a case management hearing for the upcoming trials, and what was meant to be some form of decision on the ‘Spartacus’ cases.  It was also a bit of a warm up for the barristers, Richard and Annabel, who will be representing many of the first trial defendants in court in November.

A chance for them to meet Judge Snow in the court that the trials will be heard in. And they had done their homework! Along with lawyers at Bindmans they had found a loophole which has meant that one of the first trial defendants has now been dropped completely! Congratulations to them!

As for the ‘Spartacus’ (see below), unbelievably the court had lost a few letters which meant that the Spartacus defendants couldn’t be heard! So now, there will be a hearing for them, probably in November just before the first trial begins.

Although the prosecution has given very strong hints that these brave defendants will be offered ‘No Evidence’ and therefore found officially ‘Not Guilty’, put under pressure in the court room he was non-committal to any decision -an attempt not to look stupid by admitting that he will find 21 not guilty for the same act as the 30 they are prosecuting . This delay could be a good thing: 21 defendants being found ‘Not Guilty’ is a good start for the first trial I think!

Other results from the court room are that the start date of the first trial has been moved from the 9th November, to the 10th of November.

Outside, there was a lively demonstration with banners reading “I AM SPARTACUS” and “Drop the Charges” and chants “Protesting is our right, drop the charges by tonight!”.