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A view of inside Fortnum and Mason on 26 March 2011

Hi! And thanks for visiting fortnum145.org!

Fortnum 145 is a campaign by friends and family to support the 145 people who were arrested and charged following the occupation of Fortnum and Mason on 26 March this year.

So far, we’ve been part shocked, part amused, by the awful media coverage of the events of that day. Media spin about violence and attacks has been undermined by footage actually taken inside the store. The mass arrest happened amidst calls for the police to be given more rights spy on protesters. The police have even told parliament that this was an opportunity to gather intelligence about protestors . This is political policing, clear and simple.

This website exists to support the protesters who campaigned to highlight the tax dodge of over £40 million by Associated British Foods which is majority-owned by Fortnum & Mason’s owner Whittington Investments.

We’ll be featuring blogs from the protesters and other people, media from the day and the trials ahead and putting forward ideas about how you can help.

Right now, it’d be a big help for you to have a look at our action page and spread the message about our campaign . We’re also keen to hear your messages of support and we have a form that helps you to get in touch to give us a morale-boost .

We’re not taking any wider enquiries just yet, as there’s still a lot of decisions we need to make as a group about how we’ll go about that. But if you add us on Facebook and , or our RSS feed , we can keep you up-to-date.

Thanks again!

What a day!

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Wow .

My heart’s been pounding today.

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Getting the website and Facebook pages spit-polished on Sunday night, I had an inkling that we’d get some passionate support from a load of people.

But I never thought we’d get this much love and this much attention.

The burst past 1,200 members in a little over 12 hours. Over 600 are on board. The stats on this website are clocking nearly 3,000 visitors, about 1,500 of you have gone to our How you can help page and we’ve received a bundle of wonderful messages. That’s really positive!

So, from the friends, family and defendants of the Fortnum 145 , thank you .

This is just day 1 of the campaign though. Some protesters have seen the inside of a court for the first time today. We’re talking about what’s the best way for you guys to really help out.

You can bank on the fact that we’ll keep you informed. A lot of people have been suggesting ways that you can get involved and that’s great – the more ideas we get, the better our chances of happening upon a brilliant idea. So please keep the comments coming!

For the time being though, you can really help out by spreading this website and our Facebook and Twitter accounts about as much as possible. Keep on telling your friends and we might be able to really achieve something together .

Solidarity. And thanks again!